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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Do you work on Sundays?
    • Yes, on Sunday we are open from 11 am till 6pm. We work seven days a week. The hours are 11am till 7pm Monday-Saturday and Sunday from 11am till 6pm.


  • Do you have a "real" store, or you work online only?
    • We have a showroom in Brooklyn, NY. The street address is 2417 McDonald Ave Brooklyn, NY.


  • Do you deliver to other cities/states?
    • Yes, we have many customers in New Jersey. We also work with other states. Please, call for more information. Our number is 347-462-4405. Fax is 347-462-4405.


  • Do you have any specials, like promo codes or coupons?
    • Yes. We post promo info at our Facebook page. Also, we distribute emails with promotions to the registered customers. Please, use link My Account above to register, if you want to receive our promotions.


  • Are my personal data safe?
    • We don't share data of registered customers with anyone. We also don't send unwanted mass emails. In case you don't want to receive our promotions, it's always possible to unsubscribe.


  • What kind of furniture do you have?
    • We have virtually everything. If you need something special, it's possible to submit a request and we will get it for you. Magic Furniture House specializes in children/kids furniture, bedroom furniture, living room furniture, dining room furniture, kitchen furniture, hall furniture, home office furniture, hall furntiure, family room/media room/entertainment center furniture, and outdoor/patio furntiure.


  • How long are you in business?
    • We are in business for more than 10 years and keep satisfying our customers. Magic Furniture House plans to expand in the future.


  • What types of payments do you accept?
    • Regularly, Magic Furniture House accepts credit cards, debit cards, and cash. If you prefer a different payment method, please call us. When it comes to customer satisfaction, we do our best.


  • Is your furniture good?
    • We don't sell bad stuff. Our designers select modern and classic models, which have a good history of long in-house life. When we offer a fresh model or collection, our staff evaluates it from several points, such as overall quality, quality of assembly, quality of materials, etc.


  • What about your prices?
    • We offer competitive prices due to high volume of sales. We have many customers, we sell more, meaning we get better prices from suppliers.


  • Can you consult me about this and that?
    • Sure, this is what we do.


  • How long does it take from the moment I select what I want till it appears in our home?
    • We work really fast and our terms are agile. It's possible to make the best deal with us in furniture world.


  • Why are you called Magic Furniture House?
    • We want to stress that we don't trick our customers. It's pure magic what we can do.