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Magic Furniture House in Brooklyn, NY

Magic Furniture House in Brooklyn, NY is a furniture company with the rich history of customer satisfaction. Magic Furniture House in Brooklyn, NY sells high quality furniture for more than 10 years. Magic Furniture House long history taught us to treat our customers in the best possible ways. Magic Furniture House in Brooklyn, NY addresses any arising issues with the blink of an eye. A team of professional designers performs furniture assessment according to the newest trends in the industry.

A group of technicians performs evaluation of the stocked furniture. Magic Furniture House in Brooklyn, NY makes sure that the furniture meets the highest demand before it leaves a warehouse, even before it appears in our showrooms. Magic Furniture House offers a large selection of furniture models from the classic and familiar ones, to something extraordinary and breathtakingly fresh.

Magic Furniture House web site is developed as an online interactive aid for everyone. Magic Furniture House provides public with many ways of saving money. To start with, we set low competitive prices at first place. When you buy furniture from Magic Furniture House in Brooklyn, NY, you select the best deal on the market. No worries, our prices are low enough to make your checking account feel good.

For our regular buyers, Magic Furniture House in Brooklyn, NY provides a system of appreciation, which keeps regular buyers even more satisfied. If you decided to make use of Magic Furniture House promotions, please register using My Account link in the top right corner of the page. Once in a while, Magic Furniture House distributes an email with promotions and coupon codes. Magic Furniture House in Brooklyn, NY doesn’t annoy the registered customers with unwanted emails, still making sure that everyone may receive an intriguing discount offer.

Magic Furniture House at McDonald Ave, Brooklyn, NY

2417 McDonald Ave.
Brooklyn NY 11223

phone: (347) 462-4405
fax: (347) 462-4405

Work hours:
Monday-Friday 11am-7pm,
Sunday 11am-6pm